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Thin stools after colorectal surgery

Hello, It has been over 2 months since I had my reversal and over 7 months since my LAR (removing a portion of the rectum) surgery was done but I still continue to have thin pencil like or even flat ribbon like stools. My CEA and physical exams have been coming out normal. I am really worried and was wondering if someone could offer their opinions on this. Jack
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Jack...I had anal cancer, but also continue to have very thin stools 17 months after treatment ended. Radiation makes the rectum smaller (stenosis) and less pliable, so this makes stools come out skinny and flat. This is always a source of concern for me since that was one of my symptoms when I had the tumor. Sucks. You should discuss it with your doctor anyway. Mari
thank you very much
Discuss it with your doctor because everyone is different. I had a LAR a year ago and reversal almost 8 weeks ago and my stools are back to pre-cancer normal but I know that is not the case with everyone. Depends on the different treatments you had, the type of reconnect, skill of the surgeon, your body. All the differences make the end results unique to the individual.
Also, if you have not looked at the following site, you may want to check them out.
I had the resection and the reversal and mine are not back to what they were before I became ill. Remember, your insides have been taken apart, put back together, pieces are missing. This may be your new normal.
I appreciate all the replies and this has helped me a lot. thank you!
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